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Current Kit I am working on is the Firefly SDR TH which is the "through-the-hole" version. Please scroll down to see all of the kits and text

A Software Defined Radio, sold by

Mine is the 30m Radio and I have finished assembly and only need final testing and then put it in an aluminum box I have for it.

I have finished and tested a nice little kit called a "Norcal S-9 Signal Generator" It comes with crystals for 3.579, 7.040, 10.116, and 14.060 Mhz. It sells for around 30.00USD and has some SMT parts but, they are few and well spaced so don't let that put you off. Oh! as the circuit is simple you can substitute crystals for just about any band combination you feel you need. Kit can be purchased on the Norcalqrp website and can be used bare or put into a the infamous, "Altoid Tin".

^^^ See Above for text, There are 2 units in the picture. The one on the top is a Standard unit set for 80m,40m,30m,20m. The bottom unit has been modified to be used with my Elecraft K1 qrp rig and is set to 40m,30m,20m,15m.

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  • <----This is a picture of my "Kit Shelf" with most of my QRP kit's on the shelves.

    <------This is a picture of My main Radio's and Hamshack Computer,included are IC-2720,IC-718,IC-746,various tuners,speakers and Power supplies.

    This picture shows one of my completed kits, an Elecraft K1 QRP CW Rig with a AT-1 Auto Tuner to the right, output power about 7 watts, I have modified the rig with a 4 band Filter Boards and an internal Autotuner and internal battery enclosure. for it.The Board has 40m/30m/20m/15m.It also includes a Noise Blanker feature The small Straight key alongside is also a kit from>

    <----This is a picture of a Digital Dial/Frequency Counter Kit. Sold by and built in an Altoids Tin.It is sensitive enough to pick up signals by wrapping the 'Input" lead around the coax of the unit you are checking. It reads both Mhz and Khz via mode select and has other uses available.

    This is a picture showing one of my acquisitions a NUE-PSK Digital Modem,(one the left) with BLT,(balanced line tuner,with mode to accept COAX, center, front)and on the right a FT-817 QRP HF rig. the combo is doing PSK31.----------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

    This is a picture I took of one of the latest kits I've built. A PFR3 (Portable Field Radio) qrp 20m,30m,40m,from with attached Paddle kit also built by me.Note that paddle is alligned so as to be ready for Left Handed use.Notice on the front of the Unit a push button and LED.These are part of a BSI Kit,(Battery Status Indicator)That I installed in the Unit.Pushing on the button gives you an indcation of battery status by the color of the LED. ------| <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

    This is a picture of the last kit I built as of NOV 18th 08. It is a SWR/Power Meter Kit by It was a nice easy build and only took several hours to build. there was no firmware programming involved as the PIC came with everything programed. The only thing extra needed was a 9v. Battery.---------------------------------------------------------------------->

    <----------Another kit finished lastnight Jan 8,2009. It is a DC40B 40m QRP rig sold by took an evening to build and only needed DMM and Power meter. tested out at about 1.3 Watts, has built in keyer,and comes with aluminum case and decals.

    Picture of a HF Test Kit by, I put it in a school Box,dual sided. One side contains the unit and manual, the other side has jumpers,extra batteries,etc.Kit contains RF Probe,Dummyload,Frequency Counter,Crystal Oscillator,Audio Oscillator,Wideband noise generator and a Time Domain Reflectometer.---------------->

    <---------BSI Kit,(Battery Status Indicator) Kitted by Mounted in a Project Box. Push Button and LED on top,pushing button shows battery status on LED by color,(Green,Yellow Red) Will be used in the field to indicate battery condition of SLA batteries,(12v 2Ah) for use with QRP Rigs.

    This is a picture of my latest acquisition an Elecraft KX1 mini portable QRP rig currently setup for 40m,30m,20m. I will mod it for 20m,30m,40m,80. Paddles are configured for left handed use.------------------------->

    First kit in APR09 It is called a "Hamfest Buddy" Output is about 60mW, this rig is on 40m,and is built in s "TicTac" Box. The round red knob below it is a CW key built from a 70/300 Balun with a push button momentary on switch. Connected to it is an earphone for REC and in the upper right of the picture is a random wire antenna. Radio is meant to be used at Hamfests,in the room to talk to other Hams in the Hotel.Info can be obtained at: as to purchase,and how to make the key.

    I am constructing a HFPacker Amp by I am in the process of Calibrating it, and adjusting the BIAS. Unit is showed upside down to show the insides of it,you will note the Heatsink is on the Bottom in picture.Spec's are <2.5W input,35W output.10m-160m use.The HF Packer Amp is finished and ready for use.---------->

    This is a Scout Regen Kit, a Regenerative HF receiver that is an easy build by<-----------------

    This is a Tracer/Injector Kit made by and is designed to enable a person to inject a signal into a receiver circuit to test seperate stages as to their completion. It is also used as an Injector to Trace a 1kHz tone through a circuit to test completion. --------------------------------------------------->

    This is two pictures of my latest kit a BLT Plus (Balanced Line Tuner Plus) From website<----------------->

    This is a picture of my latest acquisition, an OHR-400 (Oak Hills Research)QRP 4 band Radio.Output 5-8 watts. Small red box to the right is a Whiterook Products MK-22 straight key. on top is a set of Headphones. <---------------------------------------------


    This is a aa0zzKeyer kit sold by It is a relatively inexpensive kit and easy to build, has three memories and quite a few programming features. There are only 10 parts to be mounted onto the PCB and three pushbuttons to superglue onto the lid of the Altoid Tin.Soldering in minimal. ------------------------------>

    This is a Buddy Keyer/Speaker Console kit, sold by and is a combination Keyer and Speaker for use with smaller QRP type Radios which need speakers and keyers.Unit also contains amplifier for speaker along with volume control<--------------------------

    This is the AT Sprint 4, a 5 band, QRP CW and PSK tranceiver. Built partially by "Kit Builders" and Dale Putnam,( and me Mostly my enthusiasm and fumbling.----------------------------------------------->

    This is a CW/PSK Decoder desing for a primarily built for the ATS4 and other radios using it's decoding to create a readout of either CW signals or PSK31 type signals.<-----------------------------------------------------

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